Mendenhall Drug Crimes Attorney

Drug use and abuse continues to be a major social and legal problem. The consequences of narcotic abuse can be devastating and life altering. In recent years, drug possession laws and narcotic trafficking laws have expanded and have become extremely complex. Drug crimes and drug-related crimes now include conspiracy, trafficking, manufacturing, prescription forgery, and illegal marijuana growing, on top of the more familiar illegal narcotic sales and possession charges.

The penalties for a drug crime depend on the details of the alleged crime, the suspect’s criminal history, and the quantity of illegal drugs and the amount of cash involved. If you are charged with any drug crime in the Simpson County area, contact experienced Mendenhall narcotic crimes attorney Witt Fortenberry as quickly as possible.

Simpson County Attorney Explains Drug Crimes in Mississippi

Drug crimes in the state of Mississippi are taken very seriously. Some of the most common drug crimes that occur in Mississippi include:

Drug/Paraphernalia Possession
Having a controlled substance or paraphernalia in your possession, either for personal use, or for distribution.

Drug Distribution
The physical act of selling or distributing a controlled or illegal substance.

Drug Cultivation
Growing or harvesting marijuana plants, cannabis seeds, or cocoa leaves used to manufacture cocaine.

Drug Manufacturing
Maintaining a lab or drug-producing facility, or physically producing a controlled or illegal substance.

Drug Trafficking
The act of transporting controlled substances in or out of the state of Mississippi through trade or purchase.

Charged with a Drug Crime near Mendenhall?

If you’ve been charged with drug crimes in Simpson County, you’ll need an experienced attorney representing you. Witt Fortenberry is a Mendenhall, MS drug crimes lawyer who specializes in controlled substance cases. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time offender looking to keep a drug charge off of your record, or  if you have been subject to an unlawful search and seizure by the police, Fortenberry Law Firm can investigate your case and fight for the best outcome.


Facing Drug Charges near Mendenhall?

If you or a loved you are facing drug charges, it is imperative that you contact an experienced attorney in Mendenhall. If you have questions concerning Mississippi drug charges, contact criminal defense attorney Witt Fortenberry today.